“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8

I have really missed all of you! And it has only been one week with no church. I know I am going to miss you so much more as each day passes…and I am not okay with that! So I have been thinking and praying a lot, wanting to figure out a way that we could stay connected. Just because we can’t have Kids Church, or Royal Rangers, or Girls Ministry…doesn’t mean that I want to go that long without seeing you and talking to you.

We are going to use this blog (webpage) to stay connected. I want to know how you are doing, what you are up to, and how thing are going at home. I also want to be able to keep teaching you God’s Word and sharing lessons with you to help you grow. I will do this through messages and devotionals like this one…and even video teachings! I will also come up with some fun challenges for you to complete at home and send in…and they may include a chance for a prize!

But no church is not the only change you have had, right? For some of you there have been changes with school…not able to go into school so now you are having to do school from home. For others of you that is not a change at all. Maybe there are changes with what is now in your refrigerator or pantry, just because certain foods weren’t at the store when you family went shopping. Another change is that you can’t hang out with lots of friends, or maybe even have play dates at all. We can’t go to all our fun places and we can’t eat out at restaurants. Wow…lots of changes!

Growing up I was someone who only liked changes that I MADE. Meaning I was okay with change as long as I was in control of it. Like…picking out my own outfit when having the change clothes instead of my parents, or changing what activity I was doing in my free time instead of my sister making the choice, or changing how my room looked, and even changing the tv channel…I would fight with my family over holding the remote because I WANTED TO MAKE THE CHANGE and BE IN CONTROL. Have you ever done that? Have you ever felt that way, that you want to be in control?

The changes going on in our lives right now are tough…because a lot of this we have NO control over. And if you are anything like me…you like being in control. Sometimes that may even cause you to fight with your parents or siblings, because you want to be in control…so you don’t like being told no, you don’t like being told to wake up early for school even though you aren’t “going” to school, you don’t like having to possibly do extra chores since you are home more, you don’t like having your technology time limited since you are stuck home. I get it. Not being in control is tough. But there is something very important we need to remember…there are reasons we are not in control.

First of all, God is in control. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” God controls everything. Maybe you have felt nervous or scared with what is going on lately. Maybe you have wondered if you and your family will be safe or if things will ever go back to “normal”. This verse reminds us that if we love God and love people (live according to His purpose) that He will bring goodness out of this. We don’t always know what that will look like, and it doesn’t mean everything will be easy…but it DOES mean that God is in control and that whatever does happen, it will be for our good within our relationship with Him. Fun fact: God even controlled who your mom and dad would be and who your siblings would be. So if He controls that, and He chose your family to be your family….let’s be careful how we treat them, what we say to them, and how we live with them. Love them in all situations….living out, Loving God and Loving People.

Secondly, God put leaders in control. Romans 13:1 says, “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.” The Bible literally says that all leaders were placed in their position by God. And His command for us is to “submit” to them. That means to not fight their rules, but to accept them…without complaining. The leaders in our country, in our state, in our town, and in our schools have made decisions to try their best to keep everyone safe. We need to “submit” to that and follow their rules. That doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t be sad sometimes. Like I shared, I am sad that I won’t get to see all of you every Sunday. But we do need to be careful that our sadness does not outweigh our joy, and that our disappointments don’t turn into anger and complaining…because who will we take that anger out on? Our parents? Our brother or sister? Our teachers? Our friends? Or even God? We need to be careful to remember that God is in control and that He put these leaders in control. So we need to submit to these new rules and trust God.

Lastly, God put your parents in control. Ephesians 6:1-3 says, “Children, obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do. “Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise: If you honor your father and mother, “things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth.” God gave you your parents. For some of you God may have given you your grandparents to take care of you, or guardians to step in and care for you…but regardless…God put them in control over you. I was your age once…I know that is tough. If you are like me and you like being in control…it is hard to let your parents be in control. But honestly, this is not optional. God COMMANDED us to OBEY our parents. To HONOR our father and mother. Meaning, whatever new rules they may be putting in place this week due to all these changes with school, grocery stores, their work, restaurants, and having to stay home with just your family…you need to OBEY them and HONOR them.

Parents have WISDOM (a special gift from God that helps them make decisions that are best for your future) and they use this when making rules for you, correcting you, and teaching you. So even when you don’t like the rule…you need to respect it, submit to it, and obey it. If they limit your technology time…remember, God put them in control and you need to simply say, ok. If they set a “school schedule” since now they are your new “principal”, and tell you that you are going to be waking up at a certain time in the morning and still going to bed at a certain time…remember, God put them in control and you need to simply say, ok. If they don’t let you go to a friends house, or make something new for dinner that you have never had before, or tell you to go outside or to read a book…remember, God put them in control and you need to simply say, ok.

These changes are new for all of us. Well, not the obedience thing…you should have been doing that all along 😉 But the life changes can be tough for your parents, just like it is tough for you. And just like they work to be patient with you…you need to work to be patient with them. We are all a team! Don’t forget that! Work together with your parents to figure out how to handle all these changes the best way possible…God’s way! These changes won’t last forever, so let’s not waste this time complaining, fighting, or being sad. Together, let’s figure out ways to make this a time full of joy, fun, creativity, learning, and teamwork.

So there are going to be challenges I give you throughout each week. This week’s challenge has to do with change. Hashtags (#) are used to connect pictures that have something in common. So I want you to get a family member to take a picture of you doing something that has “changed” in your life this week. It can be silly, creative, or something that has been difficult for you. It can be a new food you have had to try since your favorite foods weren’t in the store…or doing school work at your kitchen table (that wouldn’t count if you were already homeschooled 😉 )…or something else. But let’s share pictures of “changes” and then you can define what the change is under the picture and end with #changechallengeroute65. Your parents can text them to me, can share them on social media (if they have an account), or email them to me. I will share some of my favorite in my next posting 🙂

Excited to see your pictures!!! 🙂

I love you and miss you! If you have any prayer requests, questions, or comments…you can write them below 🙂

6 thoughts on “LOTS OF CHANGES, RIGHT?

  1. Hi Miss Vicky… Great job recording the video. My whole family watched it. We are going to pray for you and all the pastors before we go to sleep.
    Bye- Jeremiah

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