Dress 4 Success – Part 1!

Excited to walk through God’s Word with you these next few weeks, as we learned how the Armor of God can help us every day! Here is the first video of the series 🙂

The Plan and Some Reminders…

  • I will be posting a video lesson on Mondays. I encourage everyone to watch church with your family on Sundays and Wednesdays…we will have “Kids Church” on Mondays.
  • The theme song for this series is going to be, “UNDEFEATED”. You can find a youtube link on the Resources page to view it. If you don’t know the motions we will be posting a video soon.
  • Would love for everyone to comment on the bottom of the posts…either your favorite part of the video, something you learned, or just to say “hi”. It will be good to hear from each other and continue to stay connected.
  • I will be posting follow up questions from each lesson, for you to continue to apply it each day.
  • I will try to set up some video ZOOM sessions (a video chat program) for us to see each other and talk with one another. More on that coming soon 🙂


Each video will have a challenge…they are meant to be a fun way to apply the lesson at home. When it is a picture or a video, your parents can email them to: vfleck@greeceassembly.org or text them to 973-349-7974. Have fun with them and get creative! I will post the ones I receive to this page (unless you ask me not too). It will be fun to do together!

Here is an example of the “Dress 4 Success” Challenge! This is how Miss Tracy and I got ready to cheer on the USA Women’s Soccer team in the World Cup a few years ago. We made sure to Dress For Success!

I will be posting a new one of me now, for this challenge. But wanted to give a fun example 😉

I really do miss all of you! So thankful for the different ways we can stay connected. Let’s have fun learning God’s Word together!

Pastor Vicky

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