Dress 4 Success – Part 5!

Here are some questions to discuss today’s lesson:

  1. What is our piece of armor today? 
  2. What what a shield used for?
  3. What did shields used to be coated with? Why?
  4. What fiery arrows get shot at us?
  5. What is defense in sports?
  6. How does the shield of faith help us with defense?
  7. If you don’t use your shield…does it only hurt you? Why or why not?
  8. Does God want us to work together to fight the enemy?
  9. How can you work together to SHIELD against the enemy’s attacks?
  10. Do you believe putting on the armor of God can help you? How? How often do you need to put it on?

Answers (if needed):

  1. Shield
  2. To defend against attacks of the enemy
  3. Leather and water – to protect from fiery arrows that could burn shields and ruin them
  4. Bad thoughts, temptations to do something wrong, etc.
  5. Stopping the other team, the opponent
  6. When we use the shield of face, we can “stop” the attacks of the enemy. We can play defense against bad thoughts and temptations to do wrong.
  7. No! When we don’t use our shield it causes us to not be able to defend against the temptations…and it means we will most likely hurt the people around us with what we say or what we do. Our shield can actually help protect others around us. We can work together!
  8. Yes, we are the church! He created us to work together and protect one another!
  9. Pray together, share your struggles, have someone you can talk to when you are tempted to do wrong, use God’s Word to battle against temptations, struggles, and fear, etc.
  10. Answers will vary 😉 But yes, we need to choose to put on the armor of God each morning, each afternoon, and each evening. We need to work to remember to walk in peace, protect our hearts, speak truth, and carry the shield of faith…as well as the armor we will be learning about in the lessons to come 😉

I am so thankful we are on a “TEAM” together! We are on God’s team at Greece Assembly! He created us to be together, to work together, to serve together, to learn together…I am so thankful to be on your team! In some ways I get to be like a coach through Route 65.

So I want you to know that I am always here for you. If you need to laugh we can talk and share jokes together. If you need to talk and share things you are struggling with, or even things you need prayer for…I am always here for you. I love you can care about you! You can email me at: vfleck@greeceassembly.org. You can send me a text message from our parent’s phone at: 973-349-7974. You can call me, and we can even do a video chat on zoom if you want. I love being a team and cannot wait to be back together!

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