Dress 4 Success – Part 6!


What you need:
Powdered Beverage Mix (lemonade powder, kool-aid powder, etc.)
Handful of Dirt
2 Spoons
2 Clear Cups

What to do:
So this week’s lesson is about protecting our minds. That includes our thoughts –choosing thoughts that will help us to be closer to God and not push us farther away from God. Let’s imagine your “insert name of powdered drink mix” is things that help you to have good thoughts (reading your Bible, listening to christian songs, watching approved movies/tv, being around Christian influences, etc)”.

As you mix it into the first cup of water, what happens?” (Allow for responses).

Now, I’d like one of you to volunteer — can you please get the drink mix back out of the glass?

Are you looking a bit confused or did you jump right in and give it a try? And I don’t mean just grab a spoonful of liquid and separate it from the glass…I want just the mix…just the crystals. I don’t want any of the water part. No liquid!

So I am guessing at this point you are saying, “This is IMPOSSIBLE!” If you are not saying that, you must have forgotten to put your belt on today 😉 (re-watch lesson 2 in this series JK)

Listen…once something is in our head, it’s pretty impossible to get out, so that’s why it’s important to be careful what you allow into your mind. Memorize Scripture, whether through songs or memory verses. Once we get it in our heads, the Bible promises it will always be there when we need it. Listen to music that honors God. Be very careful to only watch movies and tv shows that are clean and approved by your parents. We need to fill our minds with GOOD things.

Now drink the beverage and confirm that it does indeed taste good, just like good thoughts.

Now, imagine that this dirt is things that cause us to think bad thoughts. Thoughts that lead us farther away from God. Grab your second cup of water and mix in the dirt. Mix it really well. Now, would you like to take a sip of this one?

Why not??? Ok fine, can you at least get the dirt out of the glass? Without dumping the glass.

Now, you might be able to get some of the dirt out, but you can’t get all of it out. At least not to a point where your parents will be good with you drinking the water. The water will still be cloudy and yucky looking.

When we ask God to forgive us of our bad thoughts, He ALWAYS will forgive us. But…only sometimes do those thoughts go away forever. Most of the time they stick with us. You can think back to a scene in a movie that you knew you shouldn’t have watched, or you remember the words to a song you know you shouldn’t sing. Our minds hold a lot of memories…that’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to be really careful what we let into our heads to begin with!

If you were to let the glass with dirty water sit there for a while, guess what would happen? The dirt would start to settle on the bottom and separate from the water. If you have made bad choices and realize you need to start making better ones? God is ready to help you! You can ask for forgiveness, but then YOU need to make better choices. YOU need to keep the bad separated from your mind and your thoughts. That may mean choosing some different friends, or not using technology without parental supervision. No matter what, YOU need to choose what you let into your mind. And I pray you choose to fill your mind with good, God things 🙂

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