ROUTE 65 KIDS – Series Recap, BGMC, & Some Fun

Hi Everyone!
I miss you ALL so much! I hope you have been able to complete the Dress 4 Success series. If you missed any weeks, be sure to go back and watch them. All the lessons are listed on the blog page. I enjoyed learning about the Armor of God with you, and I hope you have been putting on God’s Armor every day. A quick review:
1. What we put on matters! (Philippians 4:8 –
Truth, Honor, Righteousness, Love, Praise)
2. Belt – Truth holds everything together!
3. Breastplate – Doing the right thing protects you!
4. Shoes – Peace requires preparation!
5. Shield – Defense wins! Work together!
6. Helmet – Protect the dome! Strap it on!
7. Sword – Offense Matters! Fight using the Word!

Have you been wearing your belt of truth and doing what is right? Have you been protecting your mind and choosing to only fill it with things that honor the Lord? Have you been choosing to walk in peace with your parents, siblings, or friends? Or has this been a struggle? Well there is good news…and guess what?! It is found in the GOOD NEWS of God’s Word! Lamentations 3:22-23 is written in the picture above. Read it! It tells us that the FAITHFUL LOVE of the Lord NEVER ends! It also says His mercies never cease…that means they never stop. The verse ends by saying His mercies begin afresh (that means “new”) every morning. That means every day God’s mercy is ready and prepared for us. That is amazing…if you know what mercy mean. What is MERCY? Mercy means showing compassion/forgiveness to someone who deserves punishment/harm. So a simple definition is, mercy is – NOT GETTING the punishment YOU DO deserve. If someone steals a candy bar from a store, what do they deserve in return? To enjoy eating the delicious candy bar and a gold star for not getting caught? No! They deserve the punishment of stealing…to have to give it back, pay a fine, and maybe even be arrested. Is that fair? Yes, because they did wrong and sinned. Now if the store owner caught the person and saw they were sorry and decided to have compassion on them…telling the person never to do it again but to go in peace…that would be MERCY. The person DESERVES punishment, but the store owner is CHOOSING not to give them a punishment. Would you like mercy in your life? Would you like your parents to have mercy on you when you sin? Would you like your siblings or friends to have mercy on you when you do something or say something you shouldn’t? I can speak for myself…I love mercy in my life. I will admit it is much easier to accept mercy (others forgiving me) than to give mercy (overlooking other people’s wrong-doings)…but either way, mercy is a gift from God.

So now that you know what mercy is, do you see how awesome these two verses are in Lamentations? They tell us that God’s love and mercy never stop…His MERCY is new EVERY morning! This means, if you mess up today, or have been messing up a lot…have been forgetting to put on the Armor of God…have been forgetting to strap on your shoes of peace before starting your day…maybe forgetting your breastplate, helmet, belt, sword or shield…ask God for MERCY! Don’t focus on all your failures. Don’t focus on all your mistakes. Thank God for His mercy…thank God for not giving you the punishment deserved for forgetting to live at peace in all circumstances…and start fresh today.

The Bible tells us that God’s mercies are new every morning — meaning, when we mess up, we simply have to ask for forgiveness and start doing better…right now! Don’t let sin stop you from making things right. Ask for God’s mercy and do your best, by His strength, through His armor, to do better next time. Put your armor on and start loving God and loving people…every day!

I have really enjoyed getting all your challenge responses these past several weeks! Below are some of the latest ones I received. Enjoy looking through them 🙂 If I missed any, I am really sorry! Re-send them to me and I will be sure to add them on!


FAMILY CHALLENGETutorial videos to assist Pastor Pat with completing tasks not using his arms

I hope you received your letter in the mail about May’s BGMC. I also hope you enjoyed the flavored drink packet, as a reminder to pray for those in Africa, and around the world, who are in need of water. What an incredible privilege we have to save our spare change (dollars and coins) and use it to give kids and families water around the world…while sharing the love of Jesus with them! Wow!

I hope you have been enjoying our online BGMC series the first of each month. It is looking like for the remainder of the summer BGMC will be online. Our hope is that when the building reopens at the church (hopefully soon), we will be able to highlight it upstairs in our family worship services. For now, plan on staying connected to missions online. That being said, our BGMC Leader, Jessica Green, will be sharing highlights, recaps, prayer points, and awesome activities to encourage missions at home. Our vision with BGMC is to equip kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in our kids. So parents, if in the coming week you do not receive a BGMC email, be sure to reach out to Pastor Vicky at, to confirm the correct email address is on file for your family.

Looking forward to continuing to connect, and hoping to figure out a way to see everyone soon!

Much Love and Care,
Pastor Vicky

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