We are going to be starting a new series this Summer entitled, “Dive In”. We are going to be “diving into” God’s Word and seeing how we can learn about life from Scripture. In July we will be learning about following Jesus’ example, and in August we will discuss why family matters.


  • Weekly Online Lessons – There will a new lesson each week posted online!
  • Sunday Connections – Every Sunday there will be paperwork near the Kids’ Check-In counter, these are for you to take and complete
  • Digital Versions – Maybe your family is unable to return for in-person worship yet, no worries! The paperwork will able to included at the end of each online lesson for your family to download.
  • Weekly PRIZES – Each week we will draw one winning entry (completed lesson sheet that has been submitted). It will be a random drawing – meaning we will mix up the sheets and our eyes will be closed when we grab one. The winner will get a prize of some kind!
  • How to “Submit” your prize entry – There will be a “mailbox” near the kids check in area. Each week’s lesson will have a grade level activity sheet. You must complete your grade level’s sheet (K-3rd Grade & 4th-6th Grade) and insert it in the mailbox. You can grab your sheet before service, and submit it after service. If your family is not yet attending in-person worship services, you can download the activity sheet, complete it at home, and have your parents email ( or text a picture of the completed sheet. I will make a print out with your name on it…and add you to the mailbox before we draw the winner.
  • If you miss a week – Catch up! You can catch up by watching the lessons you have missed, complete those activity sheets, and submit them together. You must watch the lesson to be qualified to complete and submit the activity sheet. And this is based on the “honor system”…that simply means, I am trusting you to be honest 🙂 Complete the lesson before completing the sheet.
  • Online Posts – the goal is to post each lesson on Monday or Tuesday of that week. Sometimes unexpected things come up and the lesson may not post until later in the week…but our goal is to have each new week up on Mondays/Tuesdays…which will give you almost an entire week to do the lesson before next Sunday’s church service.
  • Memory Verse Challenge – I also challenge you to memorize the theme verse for each unit. July’s theme verse is John 13:15…so you have all of July to work on this!
  • Questions? Let me know if you have any questions! You can post them below on this page, or you can email me (Pastor Vicky) at:


We are so excited for this Sunday, July 12, as we will be highlighting our July BGMC in the MAIN SERVICE in the Sanctuary! There will be a special video about this month’s focus – so be sure to attend or tune in online with your family!

Here is a sneak peak at this month’s BGMC focus. We will be learning about, “Global Initiative” – a ministry that offers numerous resources, free of charge, to create a deeper awareness and understanding of Muslim people. The goal? To reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us in prayer today, that souls would be saved!

We also have a few other summer BGMC things going on:

  • BGMC Monthly Post – We will be posting about this month’s BGMC focus next week. Be on the lookout for it, to learn more about Muslim people, as well as how to love them and pray for them. We will even have some awesome comic books available soon…that help teach us how to say hello to Muslims – befriending those who don’t know Jesus and learning how to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.
  • BGMC Bible Reading Challenge – watch the video below for more information! There will be challenge sheets available at the Kids Check In this Sunday…but you can also download it below.
  • Buddy Barrel Collection – We will send out a date of when we will collect Buddy Barrels for the summer…so keep doing your best to collect change in your Buddy Barrel! We raised over $300 at the BGMC Drive Thru last month! Great job everyone!
  • Pastor Vicky eats Sardines!!! – Be looking our for our BGMC lesson for this month…it will post next week. Included in the lesson will be a video of Pastor Vicky eating sardines. Yep…they are little fish in a can! If you wonder why she is doing this, it is because last month at the BGMC Drive Thru, those who attended got to vote on a “food word” from Vanuatu – and the deal was that Pastor Vicky would eat whatever word got the most votes. Well…”sadin” got the most votes…and that just so happens to mean, “Sardines” in English. So you won’t want to miss that video!

Check out this Summer BGMC Bible Reading Challenge – You can raise money for BGMC, just by reading your BIBLE! Take a look!

You can pick up a Bible Reading Challenge Sheet (to log the chapters you read) at the Kids’ Check In Area on Sunday morning. If your family is not yet able to return for in-person worship services, no worries! Click the “Download” button below to download the log sheet from home 🙂 Remember, every chapter read is worth a dime! Let’s get reading!


Much love and care,
Pastor Vicky

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