DIVE IN – Week 1

We are going to be starting a new series this Summer entitled, “Dive In”. We are going to be diving into God’s Word and seeing how we can learn about life from Scripture. In July we will be learning about following Jesus’ example, and in August we will discuss why family matters. So…are you ready? Let’s DIVE IN!

Our theme for July is, “Follow Jesus’ Example.” This week we are going to talk about temptation.


Temptation is “a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.” Have you ever opened a package of cookies and wanted to eat every single one? You are TEMPTED to eat all the cookies. Has someone ever bothered you (a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent) and you wanted to do or say something mean back to them? You are TEMPTED to respond in anger. Have you ever done something wrong and you try and figure out how you can hide it to try and get away with it? You are TEMPTED to lie.

We ALL deal with temptation…every day. The interesting thing about temptation is that you have a CHOICE. Just because you are TEMPTED doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. You can be TEMPTED to eat all the cookies, but with self-control you can CHOOSE not to. You can be TEMPTED to respond in anger to someone bugging you, but you CHOOSE to respond with grace. You can be TEMPTED to lie and cover up your mistakes, but you can CHOOSE to be honest and accept the consequences on your actions.

Did you know even Jesus was tempted? Can you believe it? And Jesus was without sin…He lived a sinless life. Temptation is not the sin…choosing to give into the temptation can lead to sin. So if Jesus was tempted and He lived a sinless life…maybe we should take a look at how He conquered temptation and chose to honor God in the midst of temptation. Let’s take a look!

Based on Matthew 4:1-11


God has given us the greatest tool to help us obey and resist temptation – The BIBLE! Below are five yellow TEMPTATIONS and give blue SCRIPTURES. The challenge is to match the temptation with the correct verse that would help defeat that temptation. So you would write down the letters A, B, C, D, E (found in the corner of each yellow box) and then next to each letter put the number from the corner of the blue box that has the correct scripture for that temptation. Give it a try!!


Do you dive into water? Do you like to wear certain things when you do? What can we dive into to defeat temptation?

“I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done for you.”

John 13:15 (July’s Memory Verse)

LESSON PAPERWORK – Review, Activities, & Prizes

Below are some options for you to continue the lesson from home. There is a review sheet for conversation purposes and there are grade level activity sheets as well. These will be available (in print) on Sunday mornings near the Kids’ Check-In Station, and there will also be a “mailbox”. Grab one, complete it in the sanctuary, and return the completed activity sheet to the mailbox after service. You will have a chance to win prizes each week. They are available to download here in case your family is not able to return for in-person worship yet…parents can scan/text pictures of completed sheets to Pastor Vicky to be entered in the weekly prize drawing. A winner will be drawn each Monday, and if you miss a week, you can put both activity sheets (previous two lessons) in the mailbox the following Sunday. Let’s dive into God’s Word and grow together in the Lord! PS: You will need a Bible, so be sure to bring yours each Sunday.

A=2; B=3; C=5; D=1; E=4

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