DIVE IN – Week 8

We are in a series this Summer entitled, “Dive In”. We are diving into God’s Word and seeing how we can learn about life from Scripture. We are in week 4 of our focus on family – FAMILY MATTERS! Let’s DIVE IN!

This week’s “MAILBOX” WINNER is……Jaiona Miller!!! Congratulations Jaiona! You were selected from the “mailbox” as the activity sheet prize winner for this week! You can pick up your prize at church any coming Sunday…it will be located at the kids check-in. And honorable mentions go to Cameron Wilson, Luke Harper, and Elijah Longchamps! All three of you can also pick up a special treat at the kids check-in.

Our current theme is, “Family Matters.” This week we are going to talk about God’s desire for families to trust Him…no matter what happens in life!


Has anything bad ever happened in your life? Something that upset you? Something that made you angry? Something that made you sad? Something that disappointed you? Something that hurt your heart? No matter how old you are, no matter how strong you are, no matter how many things you own, no matter where you live, who you live with, and even no matter how much you love God…difficult things will happen. Life will hurt. That is one of the many consequences of sin…life will not be hard. In Psalm 23, David writes, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”. Woah! That sounds scary! Sounds like David had some hard times in life too…valley of the shadow of death? To describe something like that makes me think he was hurting…life hurt him!

But notice how he starts that sentence: “even though…”. David said, EVEN THOUGH life hurt, “I will fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” He wasn’t saying life is hard, life hurts, you should feel sorry for me. Not at all! He was saying, EVEN THOUGH life is hard, I am not afraid, I am not angry at God…INSTEAD, I am encouraged because I know God is with me! Wow! What about you? When life hurts, when life gets hard, when something happens that disappoints you…do you say, “Even though this hurts, I am comforted because I know God loves me.” Or do you question God? Do you complain? Do you get angry and take that anger out on the people around you…your family? Let’s take a look at how Jesus showed “love in action” to a family that was hurting.


Who are some people who might feel sad or lonely? What are some ways you could show love and compassion to someone who is sad or lonely? When you are sad and lonely, what encourages you? Here is a simple game to play with your family that can also help you think about ways to show love and compassion to one another when they are hurting.

ITEMS NEEDED: A soft object (bean bag, foam ball, rolled up sock, etc.), sheet of paper, pen, safe area you can toss something without breaking anything, your family

DIRECTIONS: As a family, using the pen and paper, write down several people who could be sad/lonely/hurting — this can be names of specific people (mom, dad, neighbor), or can be descriptions of scenarios (someone who lost a loved one, someone being bullied, etc.). Try to have at least 10-15 “people” – this will be about how many rounds of the game you play.

One family member, “The Thrower” starts with the soft object and faces away from everyone else, with the list of “people” where they can see it. The rest of the family stays behind “The Thrower” and spreads out around the playing area. The Thrower will then shout one of the people from the list you made together, and should then THROW the soft object behind them, over their head, into the playing area…BUT, they must remain facing AWAY from the playing area – NO PEAKING! The family members try to get the object. Whoever catches it, or gets it, has the choice of keeping it (holding it behind their back) or passing it to another family member (to hold behind their back). The object can be passed no more than 2 times per round. Once it is finalized who has it, ALL family members should then stand with their hands behind their back, acting like they are the person with the object…and then together shout, “COMPASSION CHECK!”

That is the cue for the Thrower to turn around. The Thrower must then guess, without moving around the room, who has the object. They get two guesses, unless you are a family of three – then they only get one guess 😉 If they can correctly guess the person who has the soft object behind their back, that person must then give an example of how love and compassion can be shown to the name shouted from the list. They then become the new thrower. If The Thrower does not guess the person holding the soft object correctly, The Thrower then has to give an example of how love and compassion can be shown to the name shouted from the list. They will remain the thrower…unless you decide to rotate turns to give someone else a turn to throw…in case you have some bad guessers 😉

Play multiple rounds, until you get through your list, or until the game has run its course 😉 As a family discuss how you can do a better job of showing love and compassion to one another when each other are hurting, and close the game by praying together as a family.

Did you know that pain and suffering can actually be good for us? It probably doesn’t feel good while going through that pain or that suffering…but God promises it will be good in the END (Romans 8:28). Kind of like an iron…

“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”

Romans 12:10 (August’s Memory Verse)

Memory Verse Challenge!

Romans 12:10 is our theme verse for this unit. This month’s winners are the Greens! Enjoy their creative song to help remember the memory verse. Well done Greens!

LESSON PAPERWORK – Review, Activities, & Prizes

Below are some options for you to continue the lesson from home. There is a review sheet for conversation purposes and there are grade level activity sheets as well. These are available (in print) on Sunday mornings near the Kids’ Check-In Station, and there will also be a “mailbox”. Grab one, complete it in the sanctuary, and return the completed activity sheet to the mailbox after service. You will have a chance to win prizes each week. They are available to download here in case your family is not able to return for in-person worship yet…parents can scan/text pictures of completed sheets to Pastor Vicky to be entered in the weekly prize drawing. A winner will be drawn each Monday, and if you miss a week, you can put both activity sheets (previous two lessons) in the mailbox the following Sunday. Let’s dive into God’s Word and grow together in the Lord! PS: You may need a Bible, so be sure to bring your Bible each Sunday.

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