We are in a series entitled, “Simon Says”. We are learning about obedience and what it means to obey God. We will search God’s Word to learn how we are called to obey God. Simon says…let’s go!

This week’s “MAILBOX” WINNER is…Nathaniel Kotsyuba!!! Congratulations Nathaniel! You were selected from the “mailbox” as the activity sheet prize winner for this week! You can pick up your prize at church any coming Sunday…it will be located at the kids check-in. And honorable mentions go to Luke Harper, Andrew Harper, and Jaiona Miller! All three of you can also pick up a special treat at the kids check-in.

Our current theme is, “Obeying God.” This week we are going to talk about how God deserves our obedience, and that consequence comes with disobedience.


Can you name any superheroes? Right now try and name five superheros… ready, go! The first five that come to my mind are Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-man, and Iron Man. There are so many superhero movies, comics, tv shows, and books! Why do so many people like superheroes? Maybe it is because we like the idea of someone who can do something nobody else can do…like fly, super-human strength, be invisible, fight bad guys, and more! Superheroes all have some sort of “POWER.” But is it real? NO! We focus all this attention on stories about made up people who do powerful things. Do you know that GOD IS POWERFUL?! God has power!

God’s power is extra special for many reasons. First, because it IS REAL! It is not a made up story…God is real and has real power! Second, God’s power is unending. It never gets weak…there is no kryptonite (like Superman’s weakness) to God’s power. It is forever! Third, God’s power is full of goodness. God never uses His power for anything bad…it is pure goodness! And lastly, God’s power can live inside of us!!! Yes, we can have God’s power! He wants us to have His power inside of us, and He gives it to us through the Holy Spirit. But why? So we can have the POWER to do what is right, to live with God’s goodness, and to obey His Word in all situations. It can be hard to obey God…it may require courage, patience, or a lot of self-control. Let’s take a look at a Bible story where God gave His power to someone to obey Him, even when it became really scary to obey…


How did Daniel have the courage to obey God after the king’s law had been passed? Well, take a look at his life… did he wait until he was in trouble to ask for God’s strength? Nope. Daniel became strong with God’s power because of his EVERY DAY faithfulness to God… BEFORE the trouble came.

Have you ever worked out? I want you to grab an object as a “weight” and I challenge you to complete this workout below.

10 Jumping Jacks
5 Pushups
10 times, grab the “weighted object” in your hand and lift it over your head
5 Pushups
10 Jumping Jacks

Follow Up Question: Will doing this workout just once make you incredibly strong?
No way! Working out makes you stronger and healthier when you do it regularly…even better…daily! It requires repeating it for it to make a difference in your body. In the same way, SPIRITUAL STRENGTH comes from regular PRAYER, BIBLE STUDY, and OBEDIENCE. If we want God’s power and strength in our life for times that are hard…we cannot wait UNTIL hard times. We have to regularly, daily, be strengthening our spiritual hearts to have God’s power ready inside of us. Talk with your family about ways you can “exercise” your faith in God.

“You can make this choice by loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and committing yourself firmly to him. This is the key to your life.”

Deuteronomy 30:20 (September’s Memory Verse)

LESSON PAPERWORK – Review, Activities, & Prizes

Below are some options for you to continue the lesson from home. There is a review sheet for conversation purposes and there are grade level activity sheets as well. These are available (in print) on Sunday mornings near the Kids’ Check-In Station, and there will also be a “mailbox”. Grab one, complete it in the sanctuary, and return the completed activity sheet to the mailbox after service. You will have a chance to win prizes each week. They are available to download here in case your family is not able to return for in-person worship yet…parents can scan/text pictures of completed sheets to Pastor Vicky to be entered in the weekly prize drawing. A winner will be drawn each Monday, and if you miss a week, you can put both activity sheets (previous two lessons) in the mailbox the following Sunday. Let’s dive into God’s Word and grow together in the Lord! PS: You may need a Bible, so be sure to bring your Bible each Sunday.

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