BGMC: “South Africa”

It is another month of BGMC! We are excited to continue to raise money for missions, while learning about another area of the world! I am so thankful that even though we can’t have BGMC Sunday at the church, we can still have it from HOME! God is so good! So grab your Bible and Buddy Barrel and let’s have BGMC – “South Africa”!

Below you will see a message from Mrs. Green about South Africa…a yummy recipe you can try…and a true missions story! Are you ready for BGMC Online?!

About BGMC

BGMC is a missions education program for kids! BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in kids. BGMC stands for, “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge”.

Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Welcome to South Africa – below is a map of its location and the country’s flag!


TRUE MISSIONS STORY: Mourning Into Dancing

Below is a true story about missionaries Wayne and Delight Peercy and an incredible miracle! CLICK PLAY and the story will be read aloud.
Follow along with the pictures below.


• Pray for our missionaries as they work with these growing churches.
• Pray for the kids and youth of South Africa, and for more trained workers to help reach them for Jesus.
• Pray for the Bible schools and training programs as they help pastors, even older pastors, to better know God’s Word.
• Pray for the three people groups in South Africa who need workers among them: the Jews, the Indian Hindus, and the Cape Malay Muslims.

Winnie’s Wecipes:
Romany Creams!


hello sawubonaone kunye
thank you siyabongatwokubili
go well (“good-bye”)hamba gahlethreekuthathu
Jesus Jesufourkune
father (also used for
God the Father)
How are you?Unjani?sevenisikhombisa
I’m fine, thanks.Ngikhona, ngiyabonga.eightisishiyagalombili
Hey, friend!Heyi, Mngani!nineisishiyagalolunye
What’s new?Zithini ezintsha?tenishumi
Nothing much.Lutho oluningi.

Look what BGMC has done in South Africa:

  • Supplied laptops, projectors, tvs, cameras, & sound systems
  • Funds to create/supply Children’s Resource Centers
  • Children’s ministries equipment, curriculum, materials
  • Kids’ camp scholarships
  • Worker training courses and materials
  • Purchase library books for South Africa Cape
  • Funding for South Africa School of Theology
  • Scholarships for pastors to attend Bible school
  • Funds for small water drilling rigs
  • Funds to construct/develop Lake Buddy Activity Center
  • John Deere Gators® (4 wheelers)
  • Set-up expenses to do Royal Family Kids Camps
  • Equipment and supplies for the baby shelter
  • And so much more!


Can you recite the verse (Luke 10:9) by using these picture clues to figure out the words?

For example, if we take a look at the first clue, it is pointing at the heel of a foot…heel if spelled with one letter different can mean to make well – HEAL.
Give it a shot! 🙂

HINTS: the cash register is for the word “tell” – a teller runs them. The bottom of the shorts is the “hem”. And the three circles represent the trinity…oh and the bottom blue symbol is a number, not a letter.

BGMC Station

Have you enjoying learning about other countries, missionaries, and how God is working through us? We have a BGMC area set up at church – it is located where the self check-in station used to be (across from the main Kids’ Check-In). There is a BGMC poster with a handout about South Africa and a Soccer Challenge activity sheet. Be sure to grab one of each! Hope you have been able to put some spare change in your Buddy Barrels. Keep up the great work of filling those banks and raising money for missions!

We look forward to continuing to grow together!

Much love and care,

Pastor Vicky & Mrs. Green

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