We are in a series entitled, “Simon Says”. We are learning about obedience and what it means to obey God. We will search God’s Word to learn how we are called to obey God. Simon says…let’s go!

This week’s “MAILBOX” WINNER is…MYLES GREEN!!! Congratulations Myles! You were selected from the “mailbox” as the activity sheet prize winner for this week! You can pick up your prize at church any coming Sunday…it will be located at the kids check-in. And honorable mentions go to Elijah Longchamps, Luke and Andrew Harper! All three of you can also pick up a special treat at the kids check-in.

Our current theme is, “Obeying God.” This week we are going to talk about how no matter what is going on around us, we simply need to obey God.


Have you ever felt like there was too much going on around you? Like you had too much to do? Too much to worry about? Too many things to think about? Maybe for school some days you feel like there is too much work to do… too many assignments… too much homework. What do you do in those moments? Do you freeze and just panic and worry about how you will get it all done? Do you cry and get mad because you feel it isn’t fair you have to do it all? It can be tough sometimes to push on, to move forward, to keep a good attitude and do everything we need to do. But the solution to the problem isn’t complicated… it is simple actually. Just keep moving. Just keep pressing on, keep working, keep chipping away until you are done.

The same is true in our walk with God. It can seem overwhelming and complicated if we try to remember every command, every rule in the Bible, everything we are supposed to do. But God never intended it to be that way. He doesn’t want us to worry about everything in life and wonder what He will want us to do tomorrow. Instead, He simply asks that we love Him in everything. You see, if we continue to press on and obey God (love Him with our actions), then we WILL be doing what He has planned for us and we WILL get through even the toughest situations. Let’s take a look at someone in the Bible who had a lot going on around her, and yet by simply obeying God and walking in faith, she changed the world!


Play “Mother May I” with your family or friends, but call it, “May I Approach the King”. Appoint one person to be the king (mother) and they will stand on one side of the room…everyone else stands on the opposite side. Each player takes a turn asking the king, “May I approach you, king, with ________?” Filling in the blank with an action and amount — baby steps, giant steps, jumping jacks, scissor kicks, crawls, etc.

The King will then respond with either yes or no…making sure to be nice and fair to all participants šŸ˜‰ First player to reach the king wins, and they then become the next king.

In today’s Bible story Queen Esther did not have permission to approach the king, but she went to the king because it was the right thing to do. And she made sure to do so with respect for the king and obedience towards God.

Love means doing what God has commanded us, and he has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning.

2 John 1:6 (October’s Memory Verse)

LESSON PAPERWORK – Review, Activities, & Prizes

Below are some options for you to continue the lesson from home. There is a review sheet for conversation purposes and there are grade level activity sheets as well. These are available (in print) on Sunday mornings near the Kids’ Check-In Station, and there will also be a “mailbox”. Grab one, complete it in the sanctuary, and return the completed activity sheet to the mailbox after service. You will have a chance to win prizes each week. They are available to download here in case your family is not able to return for in-person worship yet…parents can scan/text pictures of completed sheets to Pastor Vicky to be entered in the weekly prize drawing. A winner will be drawn each Monday, and if you miss a week, you can put both activity sheets (previous two lessons) in the mailbox the following Sunday. Let’s dive into God’s Word and grow together in the Lord! PS: You may need a Bible, so be sure to bring your Bible each Sunday.

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