We just completed a series entitled, “Simon Says”. We learned about obedience and what it means to obey God. Today we will review what we have learned and talk about some exciting things coming up!



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Until Kids Church Relaunches!

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What to expect at Kids Church:

  • NEW T-SHIRT! Everyone will be gifted with a new kids t-shirt. It will have the logo of our next series, “One Thing”. The shirts are free…our gift to you!!
  • MASKS – We will have to wear masks at kids church. Anytime you are not seated in your chair you will have to put your mask on…so that means you should have your mask on when you arrive, while walking around, and when you are leaving. We will help you remind you, and we will also be giving you another gift – a Route 65 Kids lanyard. It is a string you can put around your neck that you can clip your mask to. This way when you sit down and take your mask off, it will hang in front of you. This will stop your mask from falling on the floor and getting dirty or even lost.
  • CHAIRS – We will have the chairs spread out through the gym. While having fun together at Kids Church, we want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. So the chairs will be spaced to maintain social distancing…but don’t worry…we will still have a blast! We will have white boards with dry erase markers at each of your seats…this way we can play some games and you can write things on your board. These are not to keep and take home…we will wash them every week so we can keep using them at Kids Church.
  • GAMES – We will still be playing games at Kids Church, but they are just going to look a little different. Don’t worry…we will still have a blast!


Below are 10 review questions from our 7 week series entitled, Simon Says. Feel free to look back through the lessons to help answer the questions. The goal is to learn God’s Word and become more like Him…so consider this an open book quiz! 🙂 The answers are below the BGMC announcement. Don’t look at the answers until you have completed the entire quiz.

  1. What is the “key to our life”? (hint: Deuteronomy 30:20) – [WK 1]
    A. Reading the entire Bible in one year.
    B. Going to church and praying before every meal.
    C. Loving God, obeying God, and committing our life to Him.
  2. What does Romans 14:12 remind us? – [WK 1]
    A. God sees everything and our choices matter to God.
    B. We need to have a good memory of everything we have done.
    C. We will still have time to blame our bad choices on others.
  3. How should we approach the Bible, God’s Word? – [WK 2]
    A. With a daily Bible reading plan.
    B. With questions…eager to learn more!
    C. With reading glasses and a magnifying glass…if the font is super small.
  4. Why does honoring God help us to better obey God? – [WK 3]
    A. It doesn’t.
    B. Because we will be scared of Him and won’t want His consequences.
    C. Because He will be first in our mind and heart – so we will want to obey Him.
  5. Who was strengthened by the Holy Spirit to obey God, even though Lions could have eaten him? – [WK 4]
    A. Jonah
    B. Daniel
    C. David
  6. Attitude is 100% _______________? – [WK 5]
    A. Terrible
    B. Controlled by others
    C. Choice
  7. True or False? There is a big difference between obeying with your actions and obeying with your heart. – [WK 5]
  8. True or False? God is ok with us disobeying if it spares us from having to be embarrassed? [WK 6]
  9. God keeps things simple for us…what two things are we commanded to do?
    Hint: All of His commandments come down to these two things. [WK 7]
  10. “OBEYING GOD IS _______________ GOD.” [WK 7]

BGMC: Operation Christmas Child

November’s BGMC focus is going to be “Operation Christmas Child”. This is a ministry where people pack shoebox gifts each year to bless children in need around the world. Each shoebox you pack helps a local church around the world tell a child about Jesus, the greatest gift of all. The shoeboxes are handed out at outreach events where the Gospel is presented. This is an incredible ministry that goes around the world!

For BGMC we will be collecting packed shoeboxes (challenging your family to pack and shoebox, or two, for kids around the world) and raising money to help cover the cost of shipping these boxes around the world. This Sunday, November 1, be sure to check out our BGMC post! Packed Shoeboxes will be collected Sunday, November 15 in Kids’ Church!


1(C); 2(A); 3(B); 4(C); 5(B); 6(C)
7: TRUE – Our attitude and heart matter when we obey. It is not just about “doing” what we are told…we should want to honor God and please Him with our actions.
8: FALSE – God calls us to obey, no matter who is watching. We need to have the courage and self-control to stand up for what is right, even in front of our friends.
9: Love God and Love People. The first 5 commandments are about loving God, and the final 5 commandments are about loving people.
10: “LOVING” – Obeying God is loving God. When we truly love God we WILL obey God. Do you truly love God? Do your actions match your answer?

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