Challenge Update – Belt of Truth

Here is the video as promised! Me and Miss Tracy doing the motions to Undefeated. Follow along, learn them, and then complete this week’s challenge 🙂 I encourage you to watch Miss Tracy more than me…she is much better at this 😉 Here are the first three submissions for the challenge! For being the firstContinue reading “Challenge Update – Belt of Truth”

Dress 4 Success – Part 1!

Excited to walk through God’s Word with you these next few weeks, as we learned how the Armor of God can help us every day! Here is the first video of the series 🙂 The Plan and Some Reminders… I will be posting a video lesson on Mondays. I encourage everyone to watch church withContinue reading “Dress 4 Success – Part 1!”


Since some kids are more visual, here is a video of Tuesday’s devotional! If you have yet to complete the change challenge, there is still time! Below are some pictures I have already received! 🙂 Emma and Olivia, as well as Luke and Andrew….said their change was school from home! Mila’s change is that sheContinue reading “Video Version: LOTS OF CHANGES, RIGHT?”