ROUTE 65 KIDS – Series Recap, BGMC, & Some Fun

Hi Everyone! I miss you ALL so much! I hope you have been able to complete the Dress 4 Success series. If you missed any weeks, be sure to go back and watch them. All the lessons are listed on the blog page. I enjoyed learning about the Armor of God with you, and IContinue reading “ROUTE 65 KIDS – Series Recap, BGMC, & Some Fun”

Sharing Laughs – Pastoral Impression Challenge

Last week we had our first “FAMILY FRIDAY” for Greece Assembly. The pastoral team gave the church a family challenge — to submit their best impression of one of the pastors (Pastor Pat, Pastor Dan, Pastor Ken, Pastor Bob, or Pastor Vicky). I wanted to share the videos we received from our Route 65 Kids!Continue reading “Sharing Laughs – Pastoral Impression Challenge”

Challenge Update – Belt of Truth

Here is the video as promised! Me and Miss Tracy doing the motions to Undefeated. Follow along, learn them, and then complete this week’s challenge 🙂 I encourage you to watch Miss Tracy more than me…she is much better at this 😉 Here are the first three submissions for the challenge! For being the firstContinue reading “Challenge Update – Belt of Truth”