DIVE IN – Week 1

We are going to be starting a new series this Summer entitled, “Dive In”. We are going to be diving into God’s Word and seeing how we can learn about life from Scripture. In July we will be learning about following Jesus’ example, and in August we will discuss why family matters. So…are you ready? Let’s DIVE IN!

Our theme for July is, “Follow Jesus’ Example.” This week we are going to talk about temptation.


Temptation is “a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.” Have you ever opened a package of cookies and wanted to eat every single one? You are TEMPTED to eat all the cookies. Has someone ever bothered you (a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent) and you wanted to do or say something mean back to them? You are TEMPTED to respond in anger. Have you ever done something wrong and you try and figure out how you can hide it to try and get away with it? You are TEMPTED to lie.

We ALL deal with temptation…every day. The interesting thing about temptation is that you have a CHOICE. Just because you are TEMPTED doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. You can be TEMPTED to eat all the cookies, but with self-control you can CHOOSE not to. You can be TEMPTED to respond in anger to someone bugging you, but you CHOOSE to respond with grace. You can be TEMPTED to lie and cover up your mistakes, but you can CHOOSE to be honest and accept the consequences on your actions.

Did you know even Jesus was tempted? Can you believe it? And Jesus was without sin…He lived a sinless life. Temptation is not the sin…choosing to give into the temptation can lead to sin. So if Jesus was tempted and He lived a sinless life…maybe we should take a look at how He conquered temptation and chose to honor God in the midst of temptation. Let’s take a look!

Based on Matthew 4:1-11


God has given us the greatest tool to help us obey and resist temptation – The BIBLE! Below are five yellow TEMPTATIONS and give blue SCRIPTURES. The challenge is to match the temptation with the correct verse that would help defeat that temptation. So you would write down the letters A, B, C, D, E (found in the corner of each yellow box) and then next to each letter put the number from the corner of the blue box that has the correct scripture for that temptation. Give it a try!!


Do you dive into water? Do you like to wear certain things when you do? What can we dive into to defeat temptation?

“I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done for you.”

John 13:15 (July’s Memory Verse)

LESSON PAPERWORK – Review, Activities, & Prizes

Below are some options for you to continue the lesson from home. There is a review sheet for conversation purposes and there are grade level activity sheets as well. These will be available (in print) on Sunday mornings near the Kids’ Check-In Station, and there will also be a “mailbox”. Grab one, complete it in the sanctuary, and return the completed activity sheet to the mailbox after service. You will have a chance to win prizes each week. They are available to download here in case your family is not able to return for in-person worship yet…parents can scan/text pictures of completed sheets to Pastor Vicky to be entered in the weekly prize drawing. A winner will be drawn each Monday, and if you miss a week, you can put both activity sheets (previous two lessons) in the mailbox the following Sunday. Let’s dive into God’s Word and grow together in the Lord! PS: You will need a Bible, so be sure to bring yours each Sunday.

A=2; B=3; C=5; D=1; E=4


We are going to be starting a new series this Summer entitled, “Dive In”. We are going to be “diving into” God’s Word and seeing how we can learn about life from Scripture. In July we will be learning about following Jesus’ example, and in August we will discuss why family matters.


  • Weekly Online Lessons – There will a new lesson each week posted online!
  • Sunday Connections – Every Sunday there will be paperwork near the Kids’ Check-In counter, these are for you to take and complete
  • Digital Versions – Maybe your family is unable to return for in-person worship yet, no worries! The paperwork will able to included at the end of each online lesson for your family to download.
  • Weekly PRIZES – Each week we will draw one winning entry (completed lesson sheet that has been submitted). It will be a random drawing – meaning we will mix up the sheets and our eyes will be closed when we grab one. The winner will get a prize of some kind!
  • How to “Submit” your prize entry – There will be a “mailbox” near the kids check in area. Each week’s lesson will have a grade level activity sheet. You must complete your grade level’s sheet (K-3rd Grade & 4th-6th Grade) and insert it in the mailbox. You can grab your sheet before service, and submit it after service. If your family is not yet attending in-person worship services, you can download the activity sheet, complete it at home, and have your parents email (vfleck@greeceassembly.org) or text a picture of the completed sheet. I will make a print out with your name on it…and add you to the mailbox before we draw the winner.
  • If you miss a week – Catch up! You can catch up by watching the lessons you have missed, complete those activity sheets, and submit them together. You must watch the lesson to be qualified to complete and submit the activity sheet. And this is based on the “honor system”…that simply means, I am trusting you to be honest 🙂 Complete the lesson before completing the sheet.
  • Online Posts – the goal is to post each lesson on Monday or Tuesday of that week. Sometimes unexpected things come up and the lesson may not post until later in the week…but our goal is to have each new week up on Mondays/Tuesdays…which will give you almost an entire week to do the lesson before next Sunday’s church service.
  • Memory Verse Challenge – I also challenge you to memorize the theme verse for each unit. July’s theme verse is John 13:15…so you have all of July to work on this!
  • Questions? Let me know if you have any questions! You can post them below on this page, or you can email me (Pastor Vicky) at: vfleck@greeceassembly.org


We are so excited for this Sunday, July 12, as we will be highlighting our July BGMC in the MAIN SERVICE in the Sanctuary! There will be a special video about this month’s focus – so be sure to attend or tune in online with your family!

Here is a sneak peak at this month’s BGMC focus. We will be learning about, “Global Initiative” – a ministry that offers numerous resources, free of charge, to create a deeper awareness and understanding of Muslim people. The goal? To reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us in prayer today, that souls would be saved!

We also have a few other summer BGMC things going on:

  • BGMC Monthly Post – We will be posting about this month’s BGMC focus next week. Be on the lookout for it, to learn more about Muslim people, as well as how to love them and pray for them. We will even have some awesome comic books available soon…that help teach us how to say hello to Muslims – befriending those who don’t know Jesus and learning how to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.
  • BGMC Bible Reading Challenge – watch the video below for more information! There will be challenge sheets available at the Kids Check In this Sunday…but you can also download it below.
  • Buddy Barrel Collection – We will send out a date of when we will collect Buddy Barrels for the summer…so keep doing your best to collect change in your Buddy Barrel! We raised over $300 at the BGMC Drive Thru last month! Great job everyone!
  • Pastor Vicky eats Sardines!!! – Be looking our for our BGMC lesson for this month…it will post next week. Included in the lesson will be a video of Pastor Vicky eating sardines. Yep…they are little fish in a can! If you wonder why she is doing this, it is because last month at the BGMC Drive Thru, those who attended got to vote on a “food word” from Vanuatu – and the deal was that Pastor Vicky would eat whatever word got the most votes. Well…”sadin” got the most votes…and that just so happens to mean, “Sardines” in English. So you won’t want to miss that video!

Check out this Summer BGMC Bible Reading Challenge – You can raise money for BGMC, just by reading your BIBLE! Take a look!

You can pick up a Bible Reading Challenge Sheet (to log the chapters you read) at the Kids’ Check In Area on Sunday morning. If your family is not yet able to return for in-person worship services, no worries! Click the “Download” button below to download the log sheet from home 🙂 Remember, every chapter read is worth a dime! Let’s get reading!


Much love and care,
Pastor Vicky

BGMC: “Vanuatu”

This weekend was a FIRST Sunday! We would have been bringing in our Buddy Barrels, raising money for missions, and learning about another area of the world! So even though we can’t have BGMC Sunday at the church, we can still have it from HOME! So grab your Bible and Buddy Barrel and let’s have BGMC – “Vanuatu”! (vah-noo-AH-too)

Below you will see a message from Mrs. Green about Vanuatu…a message from some friends about a true missionary story…a yummy recipe you can try…and an invitation to soak Pastor Vicky for BGMC! Are you ready for BGMC Online?!

About BGMC

BGMC is a missions education program for kids! BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in kids. BGMC stands for, “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge”.

Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

“About Vanuatu” – A message from Mrs. Green

A True Missionary Story…

Pastor Youen – told by the Marcello’s

“Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth, for I am God and there is no other.”

Isaiah 45:22


  • Pray for the kids of Vanuatu that they would have the opportunity to go to school and read God’s Word as well!
  • Pray for pastors and missionaries there.
  • Pray that the people would accept the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Winnie’s Wecipes:
Banana Peanut Butter Biscuits from Vanuatu!


BGMC has blessed the Jubilee Christian School with a water well. BGMC also helped fund CompassionLink’s trip to Vanuatu to show the people how to build water wells and how to conserve fuel for their cooking fires. BGMC funded the first-ever Children’s Day Festival in Vanuatu, where over 400 kids learned about Jesus and had a time of praise and worship, through fun clowns, puppets, and more. BGMC also has helped with repairing and building churches, repairing Bible schools, covering shipping costs for containers of supplies to come to Vanuatu, and replacing all the library books that the pastors of Vanuatu lost during a cyclone. By putting change in your Buddy Barrel, you help the people and pastors of Vanuatu!

This Wednesday, June 10, from 3 PM – 4 PM!

Have you enjoying learning about other countries, missionaries, and how God is working through us? Have you been putting spare change in your Buddy Barrel? Have you missed Pastor Vicky? Or…do you enjoy throwing WATER BALLOONS at Pastor Vicky?

If your answers is YES to any or all of these questions…come to church THIS WEDNESDAY, June 10! You can drive thru the parking lot anytime between 3 PM and 4 PM. Pastor Vicky and the Greens will be there ready to greet you. There will be a spot for you to empty your Buddy Barrel (even if you only have a few pennies), there will be some BGMC stuff we would love to give you (special prizes and goody bags for the first several cars), and then there will be water balloons ready and waiting, available to purchase. It will cost $1 per water balloon, no limit per family (well, unless you want 300), and all the donations will go to our BGMC goal! And the best part…you then get to throw the water balloon(s) you buy…at Pastor Vicky! But she may have some cash on her as well…so be careful 😉 More details and directions will follow soon!

ALSO, we encourage every kid to wear their “Praying for the Nations” shirt. If you do not have one, or have outgrown yours, we will have a stock of them at the Drive-Thru for you to receive one!

We will be sure to use health and safety measures, so we won’t be able to hug or high five, and my helpers who are handing things to you will be wearing face coverings to prevent any germs from spreading, but we can at least see your smiling faces, say hi to each other, and raise money for missions together! Should be super fun!

Hope you can make it out to the BGMC Drive Thru this Wednesday! 🙂

Much love and care,

Pastor Vicky

ROUTE 65 KIDS – Series Recap, BGMC, & Some Fun

Hi Everyone!
I miss you ALL so much! I hope you have been able to complete the Dress 4 Success series. If you missed any weeks, be sure to go back and watch them. All the lessons are listed on the blog page. I enjoyed learning about the Armor of God with you, and I hope you have been putting on God’s Armor every day. A quick review:
1. What we put on matters! (Philippians 4:8 –
Truth, Honor, Righteousness, Love, Praise)
2. Belt – Truth holds everything together!
3. Breastplate – Doing the right thing protects you!
4. Shoes – Peace requires preparation!
5. Shield – Defense wins! Work together!
6. Helmet – Protect the dome! Strap it on!
7. Sword – Offense Matters! Fight using the Word!

Have you been wearing your belt of truth and doing what is right? Have you been protecting your mind and choosing to only fill it with things that honor the Lord? Have you been choosing to walk in peace with your parents, siblings, or friends? Or has this been a struggle? Well there is good news…and guess what?! It is found in the GOOD NEWS of God’s Word! Lamentations 3:22-23 is written in the picture above. Read it! It tells us that the FAITHFUL LOVE of the Lord NEVER ends! It also says His mercies never cease…that means they never stop. The verse ends by saying His mercies begin afresh (that means “new”) every morning. That means every day God’s mercy is ready and prepared for us. That is amazing…if you know what mercy mean. What is MERCY? Mercy means showing compassion/forgiveness to someone who deserves punishment/harm. So a simple definition is, mercy is – NOT GETTING the punishment YOU DO deserve. If someone steals a candy bar from a store, what do they deserve in return? To enjoy eating the delicious candy bar and a gold star for not getting caught? No! They deserve the punishment of stealing…to have to give it back, pay a fine, and maybe even be arrested. Is that fair? Yes, because they did wrong and sinned. Now if the store owner caught the person and saw they were sorry and decided to have compassion on them…telling the person never to do it again but to go in peace…that would be MERCY. The person DESERVES punishment, but the store owner is CHOOSING not to give them a punishment. Would you like mercy in your life? Would you like your parents to have mercy on you when you sin? Would you like your siblings or friends to have mercy on you when you do something or say something you shouldn’t? I can speak for myself…I love mercy in my life. I will admit it is much easier to accept mercy (others forgiving me) than to give mercy (overlooking other people’s wrong-doings)…but either way, mercy is a gift from God.

So now that you know what mercy is, do you see how awesome these two verses are in Lamentations? They tell us that God’s love and mercy never stop…His MERCY is new EVERY morning! This means, if you mess up today, or have been messing up a lot…have been forgetting to put on the Armor of God…have been forgetting to strap on your shoes of peace before starting your day…maybe forgetting your breastplate, helmet, belt, sword or shield…ask God for MERCY! Don’t focus on all your failures. Don’t focus on all your mistakes. Thank God for His mercy…thank God for not giving you the punishment deserved for forgetting to live at peace in all circumstances…and start fresh today.

The Bible tells us that God’s mercies are new every morning — meaning, when we mess up, we simply have to ask for forgiveness and start doing better…right now! Don’t let sin stop you from making things right. Ask for God’s mercy and do your best, by His strength, through His armor, to do better next time. Put your armor on and start loving God and loving people…every day!

I have really enjoyed getting all your challenge responses these past several weeks! Below are some of the latest ones I received. Enjoy looking through them 🙂 If I missed any, I am really sorry! Re-send them to me and I will be sure to add them on!


FAMILY CHALLENGETutorial videos to assist Pastor Pat with completing tasks not using his arms

I hope you received your letter in the mail about May’s BGMC. I also hope you enjoyed the flavored drink packet, as a reminder to pray for those in Africa, and around the world, who are in need of water. What an incredible privilege we have to save our spare change (dollars and coins) and use it to give kids and families water around the world…while sharing the love of Jesus with them! Wow!

I hope you have been enjoying our online BGMC series the first of each month. It is looking like for the remainder of the summer BGMC will be online. Our hope is that when the building reopens at the church (hopefully soon), we will be able to highlight it upstairs in our family worship services. For now, plan on staying connected to missions online. That being said, our BGMC Leader, Jessica Green, will be sharing highlights, recaps, prayer points, and awesome activities to encourage missions at home. Our vision with BGMC is to equip kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in our kids. So parents, if in the coming week you do not receive a BGMC email, be sure to reach out to Pastor Vicky at vfleck@greeceassembly.org, to confirm the correct email address is on file for your family.

Looking forward to continuing to connect, and hoping to figure out a way to see everyone soon!

Much Love and Care,
Pastor Vicky

Dress 4 Success – PART 7!

GAME: “Finish the Line…”

Can you fill in the blanks to these quotes/sayings?

  1. “To be, or ______ ____ ____. That is the question.” — Macbeth, Shakespeare
  2. “Luke, I am _______ __________.” — Darth Vader
  3. “An apple a day keeps _____ ____________ _______.” — Benjamin Franklin
  4. “Slow and steady _______ _____ ________.” — ”The Tortoise and the Hare
  5. “Eeny, meeny, miney, moe; _______ __ _______ ___ ____ ____.” — Mother Goose
  6. “There’s no place like _______.”—Dorothy Gale, Wizard of Oz
  7. “Loving God. __________ _________.” — Pastor Pat
  8. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and _______ ____ ______ _____________.” — Deuteronomy 6:5
  9. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, _____ ______ ____________ ______.” — John 3:16
  10. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, ____ _______ ____ _______ ______ ___.” — Anonymous Proverb
    (scroll down for answers — at the bottom of the page)

Discussion Questions:
How many lines were you able to finish? Isn’t it crazy how many words we can remember, without even realizing it? We have a tendency to remember what someone has said to us.
What makes our words so important?
Do you think the final quote is true—that words never hurt us? Why or why not?
How do our words affect others?
Are there words we shouldn’t say?
What makes a word good or bad?
Have you used your words as a sword to fight against the enemy? Or as a sword to hurt those around you?

With your parent’s permission…grab a tube of toothpaste, a spoon and a paper plate. Squirt some toothpaste onto the paper plate. FREEZE Don’t continue reading until you have completed this step.

Now… put the toothpaste back into the tube. Ready, set, go!

What? You couldn’t? Well…this is how words work. Once a thing is spoken, it cannot be taken back. Sometimes the words we use take years to apologize for and/or overcome. If one spreads gossip, trust is broken. Trust is hard to regain. If you hurt someone with your words (use your sword in mean ways), a relationship can be damaged.

But is toothpaste a bad thing? When used the right way, toothpaste is very good. When we use our words the right way…when we use the Sword of the Spirit and the Word of God the correct way…amazing things can happen!

Let’s take a look at the WORD of God!

Search for the Bible verse, read it, and then answer the question.

Proverbs 25:18
What does it compare lying about someone to? Is that how you use your sword?

Colossians 3:8
Why are these forms of speech bad? What does God ask us to do in this verse?

Ephesians 4:29
What should we ask ourselves before we speak? What should our words do for others?

Philippians 4:8
What type of things should we say?

THOUGHT TO PONDER: Speaking words of life is not just about how you talk to others…it also includes how you talk to yourself. Speak positive encouragement into your own mind. Whether you have fears, you get nervous about things, you worry, you are sad…any feeling. Speak words of life to yourself! Find Bible verses where God encourages you, and SPEAK those…TO YOURSELF. You will be amazed at how much you can conquer through God’s strength by speaking His life into your life. YOU MATTER! YOU HAVE GOD’S STRENGTH IN YOU! YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Much love and care, Pastor Vicky

not to be 2. your father 3. the doctor away 4. wins the race
5. catch a tiger by the toe 6. home 7. Loving People
8. with all your strength 9. but have everlasting life 10. but words will never hurt me

BGMC SUNDAY – “Africa Oasis Project”

Today is a FIRST Sunday! We would have been bringing in our Buddy Barrels, raising money for missions, and learning about another area of the world! So even though we can’t have BGMC Sunday at the church, we can still have it from HOME! So grab your Bible and Buddy Barrel and let’s have BGMC Sunday – “Africa Oasis Project”!

Below you will see a fun message from Mrs. Green about water and the Africa Oasis Project…a message from Pastor Vicky…some fun things to try at home…and a BGMC episode about CHANGE AGENTS! Are you ready for BGMC Sunday Online?!

About BGMC

BGMC is a missions education program for kids! BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in kids. BGMC stands for, “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge”.

Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

“A Sip of Water” – A message from Mrs. Green

A Cup of Cold Water…

“If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones…that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

Matthew 10:42


  • Pray for Africa Oasis Project missionary teams as they travel and visit places that need water.
  • Pray for money to buy pumps to get the water out of the ground.
  • Pray that God would help the drillers to find the right places so they will strike water.
  • Pray that many people who use these wells and water systems will accept the Living Water — Jesus!

Look what BGMC has done for Africa Oasis Project:

  • Funds to help drill water wells all over Africa
  • Funds for permits, fees, and approvals to drill water wells
  • Funds to purchase portable drilling rigs for water wells
  • Funds to purchase water buckets (Buddy Buckets)
  • Funds for repairing water wells
  • Funds to help with the upkeep of water wells
  • Funds to purchase water filtration systems for people all over Africa

At Home Drinking Water Fun – Winnie’s Wecipes


Tropical fruits, melons, and citrus are plentiful is most of Africa. These fruit waters can be made as a refreshing drink.
PINEAPPLE WATER: Cut up half a pineapple and put into a 1 gallon jug. Fill with water and let sit overnight. Strain and serve cold.
WATERMELON WATER: Cut up the red flesh of half of a small, seedless watermelon and put in a 1-gallon jug. Fill with water and chill. Strain before serving.
CANTALOUPE WATER: Follow instructions of the watermelon water, using half a cantaloupe per gallon of water.


Clean water is so important. If you, or someone you know, has a water filter…give it a try and learn how to use it. Filter some water and serve cool, clean water to your family.


In place of water, people in Africa sometimes drink coconut juice. This is done by cutting off the end of the coconut and putting it to your lips. Street vendors who sell coconuts will cut off the end for a customer and sometimes even put a straw in the hole. Coconut juice is not the same as coconut milk. The juice is found inside the coconut…you can hear it sloshing around inside a coconut when you shake it.
If your parents are up for it, purchase some coconut juice from the supermarket and give it a try…or if you are ready for a challenge, find a coconut! 😉


Because who doesn’t enjoy some flavored water? If you haven’t watched “Dress 4 Success – Part 6”, go do that lesson and do the flavored water object lesson.

THOUGHT TO PONDER: Just like we prefer clean water instead of dirty water, we should want the same for our hearts and minds. It is so important to protect your heart and mind from things that would make it “dirty” – sin. Just like if you drank dirty water, it would put dirt in your body…when you watch something that is wrong, read something bad, listen to something you shouldn’t, or are around people who are a bad influence, you are putting that into your heart and mind…and it can make it dirty with sin. We need to follow God’s direction and keep our heart and mind clean (pure). Read Philippians 4:4-9* with your family.
One more passage to read is Psalm 101:3-4*. When I was growing up my mom printed out this scripture, put it in a frame, and had it right next to our TV. This way we would be reminded of God’s Word when watching TV…she wanted us to think through what we were choosing to watch and make sure it honored these verses.
*Read these in a few different Bible translations, so you really understand what is being said in these verses.

Check out this new “Change Agents” Episode!

I hope you have enjoyed being a “Change Agent” with sending love to missionaries and our church shut-ins. If you would like to become a “Change Agent” and receive an assignment, be sure to contact Pastor Vicky for your mission!

Thanks for tuning into BGMC Sunday! This month let’s raise money for kids to have clean water in Africa! Maybe you can do a few extra jobs around the house to add more change to your buddy barrel…and help us work together to get a well dug in through the Africa Oasis Project! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Dress 4 Success – Part 6!


What you need:
Powdered Beverage Mix (lemonade powder, kool-aid powder, etc.)
Handful of Dirt
2 Spoons
2 Clear Cups

What to do:
So this week’s lesson is about protecting our minds. That includes our thoughts –choosing thoughts that will help us to be closer to God and not push us farther away from God. Let’s imagine your “insert name of powdered drink mix” is things that help you to have good thoughts (reading your Bible, listening to christian songs, watching approved movies/tv, being around Christian influences, etc)”.

As you mix it into the first cup of water, what happens?” (Allow for responses).

Now, I’d like one of you to volunteer — can you please get the drink mix back out of the glass?

Are you looking a bit confused or did you jump right in and give it a try? And I don’t mean just grab a spoonful of liquid and separate it from the glass…I want just the mix…just the crystals. I don’t want any of the water part. No liquid!

So I am guessing at this point you are saying, “This is IMPOSSIBLE!” If you are not saying that, you must have forgotten to put your belt on today 😉 (re-watch lesson 2 in this series JK)

Listen…once something is in our head, it’s pretty impossible to get out, so that’s why it’s important to be careful what you allow into your mind. Memorize Scripture, whether through songs or memory verses. Once we get it in our heads, the Bible promises it will always be there when we need it. Listen to music that honors God. Be very careful to only watch movies and tv shows that are clean and approved by your parents. We need to fill our minds with GOOD things.

Now drink the beverage and confirm that it does indeed taste good, just like good thoughts.

Now, imagine that this dirt is things that cause us to think bad thoughts. Thoughts that lead us farther away from God. Grab your second cup of water and mix in the dirt. Mix it really well. Now, would you like to take a sip of this one?

Why not??? Ok fine, can you at least get the dirt out of the glass? Without dumping the glass.

Now, you might be able to get some of the dirt out, but you can’t get all of it out. At least not to a point where your parents will be good with you drinking the water. The water will still be cloudy and yucky looking.

When we ask God to forgive us of our bad thoughts, He ALWAYS will forgive us. But…only sometimes do those thoughts go away forever. Most of the time they stick with us. You can think back to a scene in a movie that you knew you shouldn’t have watched, or you remember the words to a song you know you shouldn’t sing. Our minds hold a lot of memories…that’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to be really careful what we let into our heads to begin with!

If you were to let the glass with dirty water sit there for a while, guess what would happen? The dirt would start to settle on the bottom and separate from the water. If you have made bad choices and realize you need to start making better ones? God is ready to help you! You can ask for forgiveness, but then YOU need to make better choices. YOU need to keep the bad separated from your mind and your thoughts. That may mean choosing some different friends, or not using technology without parental supervision. No matter what, YOU need to choose what you let into your mind. And I pray you choose to fill your mind with good, God things 🙂

Sharing Laughs – Pastoral Impression Challenge

Last week we had our first “FAMILY FRIDAY” for Greece Assembly. The pastoral team gave the church a family challenge — to submit their best impression of one of the pastors (Pastor Pat, Pastor Dan, Pastor Ken, Pastor Bob, or Pastor Vicky). I wanted to share the videos we received from our Route 65 Kids! You all did an awesome job! Enjoy the laughs! 🙂

Pastor Vicky @ VBS

By Tony and Andrew Romaniv


By Chase and Cameron Wilson

Pastor PAT

By Emma Vicente

Pastor Vicky @ UPWARD

By Olivia Vicente

Pastor Vicky

By Zachary and Mackenzy Miller
and guest appearance by Mr. Moose

Pastor PAT

By Joel Marcello

Pastor KEN

By Abby Marcello

Pastor DAN

By Juliet & Joel Marcello

Pastor Vicky

By Abby Marcello

I think we have a future drama team!!!

Dress 4 Success – Part 5!

Here are some questions to discuss today’s lesson:

  1. What is our piece of armor today? 
  2. What what a shield used for?
  3. What did shields used to be coated with? Why?
  4. What fiery arrows get shot at us?
  5. What is defense in sports?
  6. How does the shield of faith help us with defense?
  7. If you don’t use your shield…does it only hurt you? Why or why not?
  8. Does God want us to work together to fight the enemy?
  9. How can you work together to SHIELD against the enemy’s attacks?
  10. Do you believe putting on the armor of God can help you? How? How often do you need to put it on?

Answers (if needed):

  1. Shield
  2. To defend against attacks of the enemy
  3. Leather and water – to protect from fiery arrows that could burn shields and ruin them
  4. Bad thoughts, temptations to do something wrong, etc.
  5. Stopping the other team, the opponent
  6. When we use the shield of face, we can “stop” the attacks of the enemy. We can play defense against bad thoughts and temptations to do wrong.
  7. No! When we don’t use our shield it causes us to not be able to defend against the temptations…and it means we will most likely hurt the people around us with what we say or what we do. Our shield can actually help protect others around us. We can work together!
  8. Yes, we are the church! He created us to work together and protect one another!
  9. Pray together, share your struggles, have someone you can talk to when you are tempted to do wrong, use God’s Word to battle against temptations, struggles, and fear, etc.
  10. Answers will vary 😉 But yes, we need to choose to put on the armor of God each morning, each afternoon, and each evening. We need to work to remember to walk in peace, protect our hearts, speak truth, and carry the shield of faith…as well as the armor we will be learning about in the lessons to come 😉

I am so thankful we are on a “TEAM” together! We are on God’s team at Greece Assembly! He created us to be together, to work together, to serve together, to learn together…I am so thankful to be on your team! In some ways I get to be like a coach through Route 65.

So I want you to know that I am always here for you. If you need to laugh we can talk and share jokes together. If you need to talk and share things you are struggling with, or even things you need prayer for…I am always here for you. I love you can care about you! You can email me at: vfleck@greeceassembly.org. You can send me a text message from our parent’s phone at: 973-349-7974. You can call me, and we can even do a video chat on zoom if you want. I love being a team and cannot wait to be back together!

Dress 4 Success – Part 4!

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

JOHN 14:27 (NLT)

Did you know that peace is a GIFT from God! And like this verse says, peace is not something the world gives us. Right now the world around us is not giving us peace. Do you feel nervous about this virus? Have you felt scared? Have you gotten anxious about school work? Have you argued with your parents? Or maybe a brother or sister? Are you worried about a family member or a friend? Have you recently lost someone you love or know someone who has?

These are all things that can stop us from having PEACE in our mind and our hearts. These are things the world around us cause us to feel. And feelings are normal. It is okay to have feelings. But we can’t forget to put on our SHOES OF PEACE every morning! When we remember that God has gifted us with PEACE, no matter what is going on around us…in our world, in our country, in our town, in our home…we CAN feel at peace.

You have to CHOOSE to put peace on – to DRESS FOR SUCCESS. You have to CHOOSE to focus on what you can be thankful for. You have to CHOOSE to pray when your mind starts to worry. You have to CHOOSE to have self-control when your sibling is bugging you (even if they are doing it on purpose!). You have to CHOOSE to honor your parents. You have to CHOOSE to let CHRIST RULE in your heart. When you do this, when you count your blessings and focus on what you have to be thankful for….THAT is when the gift of PEACE fills your mind and heart. Don’t forget to wear your shoes today…PUT ON PEACE!

“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.”


I want to pray for you! I want to pray for the gift of PEACE to fill your mind and your heart. I am already praying for you every day…but I would love to pray for your specific prayer requests. Are you struggling with school from home? Are you worried? Are you struggling to live at peace with your siblings or parents? Is your heart sad about something? Is it something else you need prayer for?

You can comment at the bottom of the page with your prayer request…or if you would like it to stay private (just between me and you), you can email me at: vfleck@greeceassembly.org. I want you to be able to put on God’s shoes of peace every day…so let me know how I can pray for you!